The HOLLISTER GROUP is now online!

Whew – it’s good to be here! Welcome to our blog. We have absolutely no concrete idea what kinds of information or ramblings we are going to post here, but I can tell you this: It is going to be GOOD. The odds are you will be dazzled and amazed.

First, a little about us. The Hollister Group is a two-man, er… I mean, one-man and one-woman multimedia, consulting, and design operation based out of beautiful Lehi, Utah. If you are about to give us a hard time that we are being misleading by calling ourselves a group – I will direct you to the Merriam-Webster free online dictionary which defines a group as “two or more figures forming a complete unit in a composition.”  That’s us! And if you find the answer from the Internet, you know it must be true.

Formally, The Group consists of Dan Hollister and myself, Samantha Hollister. We share the same last name because we are (no, not brother and sister – that would be disgusting!) husband and wife. We are happily, legally united in matrimony for nine lively years now and have been working together for almost as long.

When I married Dan I had no understanding how artistic he would become. I say become because his background was in film and editing and he had always struck me as pretty left-brained, or logical. He was working as the Technical Director for a golf company. It seems that since meeting me, he has blossomed creatively which I wrongfully assume full credit for. Dan has definitely come into his own over the last decade in many creative areas: graphic design, motion graphics, and he has even added 3D modeling/animation to his arsenal. I chide him for stealing my best tricks and then taking them to the next level. There are definitely things he can do that I can’t.

My background is more fine art, more hands on. I learned to draw, create, and paint early on and would eventually end up as a storybook artist at Disney. Since Dan is so computer-savvy, I would steal a few tricks of his becoming proficient at Photoshop, then learning Illustrator and next InDesign. Dan taught me the art of self-education through online tutorials, a huge gift in my continued creative journey. (Seriously, isn’t it awesome how you can learn just about anything on the Internet?! Or at least be directed where to go.) I’m more of a right-hemisphere kind of artist. I love to brainstorm/sketch new concepts and explore a plethora of art styles whenever I get a chance. So you can see how the two of us business-wise make a great marriage of ideas and skill-sets.

And yet, The Hollister Group is more than just two people. We often find ourselves reaching out to other skilled designers and artists who collaborate on various projects. We appreciate and enjoy their unique style and perspective. But it is much more than that. Something amazing happens when you engage and brainstorm with other creative, envelope-pushing individuals – all with the common goal of crafting something incredible, something lasting. The synergy helps dynamic ideas flow and evolve in unexpected and many times better ways. That, and many hands make light work! Some weeks we struggle to keep up with the work load.

If you happen to have an inspiring idea or you want to work with a “group” that likes to dream big – you’ve come to the right place!
Together as The Hollister Group, we have found a satisfying niche helping companies, many of them start-ups, discover their visual identity as we team with them to find ways to tell their unique story better. We love working with smart, talented experts in their field and all forward-thinking individuals who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves, and work together to get it done. We love the challenge, creativity, and the rewards of freedom of expression that makes the world a better place, even if only one step at a time. If you check out our THG portfolio, you can see samples of our best work. What you won’t see are a lot of exciting, hush-hush projects we are also working on behind the scenes. Dan and I are excited for the future and all its wonderful possibilities. We truly love what we do!